Congratulations Lionville!

Capture jamesI just want to share my recent PT experience. I saw James at Lionville  and he is absolutely AMAZING!!!! I started coming to PT in August for my low back and was just discharged two days ago. From my first session, I knew James could help me with my back. I have tried PT 5 previous times with no real success and I am a tough case so I knew certain exercises would be impossible to do but we were able to adapt and make things work. Each PT session was different and I could see improvement in a matter of a couple months, which is big for me! James was able to pick up on a potential hip problem in addition to my back issue. I cannot give enough accolades to him for all he has done for me!! I am actually sad to be so called “done”. James does an awesome job of spending one-on-one time with each patient but also giving attention to other patients that may be there. I will be back 🙂 Thank you again, James SOOO much!!!