Back on the Ice

When Nicholas Salmieri “tweaked” his back playing hockey he thought he would be fine. Then the pain was so intense he had to go the Emergency Room! He decided it was time to go and see Nick Shultz, PT, DPT at our Emmaus location. Now he says that without Nick and Apex, he would still just be on painkillers hoping “it will heal itself” Read his story here:

“I’ve been dealing with lower back issues among many other pains for years. Being an athlete is tough when it comes to rehab and therapy. As an athlete, it is usually easier to just deal with the aches and pains and keep playing. As I get older this seems less and less possible and the pains seem much more debilitating. I have been coming to grips with needing to ask for help, and I am learning that asking helps. I met Nick Schultz while skating in a charity tournament and learned he was a PT, keeping it in the back of my mind just in case. The “just in case” happened months later. Skating on the same team with Nick helped me get comfortable asking for help. I tweaked my back in a game. Me being me I kept skating telling Nick I’m fine. The next morning I woke up and couldn’t move outside of crawling. I went to the ER and they stated it was a muscle pull which I have had many times. I was given pain killers and muscle relaxers. They did nothing, and the pain only got worse. I decided to see my primary and she gave me the diagnosis of a slipped disk and said I should see a PT. I said “Funny, I know one” and asked to see Nick. I was able to see him that same day. I needed to be on a lot of medicine just to walk in, and Nick did his evaluation and confirmed that yes, this was my issue and that he would help me get through it. By the end of that day I was walking with minimal pain as compared to before I walked in. Honestly, I was very surprised and mad at myself that I had not gone to him sooner. Feeling optimistic, I followed his homework as law and began my PT twice to three times a week. Within a few sessions I felt better than I have in years. He explained to me that everything he is teaching me is a life change not an overnight fix. His sessions and homework went on for a few weeks and I got stronger every day. I was very nervous about getting back on the ice, but he gave me the confidence that I would be fine. Again, he was right, I’ve been on the ice since being released and feel great. I still do my homework as it makes me feel better. Anytime I’m sore or my muscles are tight my PT keeps me going. Without Nick and Apex, I would still just be on painkillers hoping “it will heal itself”. Nick and the Apex staff are amazing. The facility is clean and everyone is so nice. I recommend them to anyone that might be able to use his/their help. Thank You” Nicholas Salmieri