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Back on the Ice

When Nicholas Salmieri “tweaked” his back playing hockey he thought he would be fine. Then the pain was so intense he had to go the Emergency Room! He decided it was time to go and see Nick Shultz, PT, DPT at our Emmaus location. Now he says that without Nick and Apex, he would still just be on painkillers hoping “it will heal itself” Read his story here:

“I’ve been dealing with lower back issues among many other pains for years. Being an athlete is tough when it comes to rehab and therapy. As an athlete, it is usually easier to just deal with the aches and pains and keep playing. As I get older this seems less and less possible and the pains seem much more debilitating. I have been coming to grips with needing to ask for help, and I am learning that asking helps. I met Nick Schultz while skating in a charity tournament and learned he was a PT, keeping it in the back of my mind just in case. The “just in case” happened months later. Skating on the same team with Nick helped me get comfortable asking for help. I tweaked my back in a game. Me being me I kept skating telling Nick I’m fine. The next morning I woke up and couldn’t move outside of crawling. I went to the ER and they stated it was a muscle pull which I have had many times. I was given pain killers and muscle relaxers. They did nothing, and the pain only got worse. I decided to see my primary and she gave me the diagnosis of a slipped disk and said I should see a PT. I said “Funny, I know one” and asked to see Nick. I was able to see him that same day. I needed to be on a lot of medicine just to walk in, and Nick did his evaluation and confirmed that yes, this was my issue and that he would help me get through it. By the end of that day I was walking with minimal pain as compared to before I walked in. Honestly, I was very surprised and mad at myself that I had not gone to him sooner. Feeling optimistic, I followed his homework as law and began my PT twice to three times a week. Within a few sessions I felt better than I have in years. He explained to me that everything he is teaching me is a life change not an overnight fix. His sessions and homework went on for a few weeks and I got stronger every day. I was very nervous about getting back on the ice, but he gave me the confidence that I would be fine. Again, he was right, I’ve been on the ice since being released and feel great. I still do my homework as it makes me feel better. Anytime I’m sore or my muscles are tight my PT keeps me going. Without Nick and Apex, I would still just be on painkillers hoping “it will heal itself”. Nick and the Apex staff are amazing. The facility is clean and everyone is so nice. I recommend them to anyone that might be able to use his/their help. Thank You” Nicholas Salmieri


Terry M like Apex PT in Emmaus so much he gave them “5 stars out of 5” on Google reviews!

Hello Residents of Lehigh Valley, Allentown and Emmaus, PA.   I want to tell you about a wonderful physical training experience that I’m having at Apex Physical Therapy, located at 1438 Chestnut Street, unit #3 on Rt. #29.  It is a fully staffed and equipped facility able to take care of your physical rehab needs.  I recently needed the services of a good Physical Therapist and had some serious medical issues that require personal one on one attention.  My Pain Management staff gave me several options and well, I was very fortunate to select this one because I get that one on one attention I needed.  If you are seeking Physical Therapy, I highly recommend you take a moment of your time, to stop by and speak with the Clinic Director of Apex Physical Therapy Nicholas Schultz, PT, DPT.  You’ll find he has all the necessary qualification to aid you in your physical therapy rehab efforts.  His staff and their attitude will go a long way toward making you well again.

I need to tell you about my first experience there.  It lasted an hour and 15 minutes and we got right to it.  A full evaluation of my problems, and my needs and before I left, I had a promise to have an individualized program designed to meet my needs.  I feel I’m progressing well. The program is working and we’re getting results.  Recovery will depend on your willingness to follow the program and do your part.  Input is directly related to output so if you put in a 100% effort you will get 100% results.  The staff is very cordial, pleasant and well trained and accommodating.   If you have needs they will attend to them. They are most helpful when scheduling times and are flexible where possible.   I highly recommend anyone looking for a good physical therapist, looking for modern techniques to help you in your recovery process, and easy accessibility, take a close look at the Apex Physical Therapy.  They can be reached by calling (610)904-8204.  Or check out their site at   I give them a five star out of five star rating.

Terry M.


Mary Ann Messmer is Back in The Saddle!

BB-Horseback Riding (2)Mary Ann Messmer was able to return to her passion, horseback riding, after back surgery thanks to Apex Physical Therapy. Here is here story: 

“Just a quick testimonial about how great Tim is!! He was my therapist before and after I had back surgery in September 2016.  I had been to two physical therapists before I met Tim and they were not so hot. I am so fortunate to have found Apex in Blue Bell!!  I was leaving a  surgeon’s office one day, totally frustrated with what I was experiencing in PT.  I called a family friend who is a Physical Therapist and he referred me to Tim. Tim has been awesome before and after my surgery. He got me pain free and ready to get on with life — that includes horseback riding. He understood that my goals were perhaps different than the run of the mill 63 year old. My daughter was in a car accident and Tim helped her regain her mobility. My other daughter was having knee issues and although Blue Bell was too far for her, she is going to Apex in Chalfont. I can’t tell you how grateful I am to have met Tim.  Thanks for all you do!”

Will the Farmer’s Almanac be correct this year?

The Farmer’s Almanac reports that the winter of 2017-2018 may produce more snow that usual.  Are you prepared?

Here is a video showing the proper snow shoveling technique to minimize injury.  The most common injury is to the low back and it is due to lifting through the back and not using the legs.  In addition, minimize the twisting in the back, move your feet to position your body where you want the snow to go.

Have a Holiday season and Happy New Year!

Apex Physical Therapy – Emmaus now open!!

Front door as seen from Chestnut Street.

Apex Physical Therapy is pleased to announce that our new Emmaus clinic is up and running! Clinic Director Justin Strause, PT, DPT returns to the Lehigh Valley after working in the Excel – Art Museum clinic for the past 3 years.

Welcome to Apex Physical Therapy – Emmaus!
Treatment area.

Welcome Bryan Fritsch, PT, DPT

Bryan joined Apex in our Lionville/Exton location after graduating from Drexel University 2016.  During PT school, Bryan saw a way to give back to the community as well as complete his Doctoral final project.  During the summer of 2015, Bryan acted as a camp coordinator for Drexel University’s “Get Moving” program at the Columbia North YMCA. This is a physical activity and health education program targeting at risk youth between the ages of 8-12.

1. What is your favorite part about working one-on-one with patients through the duration of care?

At E&A therapy, I have the opportunity to work with all of my patients one-on-one throughout their episode of care. This exclusive access allows me to get comfortable working on each individual patient and really learn where their impairments are and what is causing their pain or problem. Additionally, by spending one-on-one time with my patients I am able to get to know my patients and allow them to open up to me about their pain. In this day and age not many medical professionals get to spend more than a few minutes with each patient and with this treatment model I have the privilege to spend upwards of an hour with each of my patients every time I see them. I truly believe I can perform my best and have the most promising patient outcomes when I can work with one patient at a time.

2.  Please share with us your most memorable patient and their story.

I think the world of my patients and every one of them offers a unique story or memorable moment.  I have an abundance of stories and patients who have had an impact on my life. In particular, one of my patients presented with bilateral plantar fasciitis and in high levels of pain. Despite the high levels of pain she was an absolute joy to work with. This patient always liked to questioned why her feet would respond in certain ways. During our one-on-one time we would talk about a range of things including superhero movies, famous actors, and types of kitchen china. Despite all of our fun times this patient was as hard as nails and going through multiple life changes during her course of treatment. This patient has shown me the importance of hard work and dedication and how patients can truly reward therapists as well.

 3.  What do you like to do in your off time, outside the clinic?

I am a Philadelphia and Penn State sports fanatic. During my free time I enjoy being with family and friends and remaining physically active. Some of my favorite physical activities include running, swimming, and obstacle courses such as the Tough Mudder.

Welcome Daniel Greenberg, PT, DPT

Dan Joined Apex in our Blue Bell location after Graduating from Temple in 2016. Dan was the 2014 winner of Temple University DPT’s Matt Williams Scholarship, awarded to an individual possessing the qualities of humor, dedication to the profession and a servant’s heart. He presented doctoral research on the effectiveness of vestibular therapy for treatment of post-concussive dizziness. Dan enjoys the complexity of treating low back pain and looks forward to learning more advanced techniques in this area.

1.   What is your favorite part about working one-on-one with patients through the duration of care?

My favorite thing about working one on one with patients is being able to get to know who they are as a person, and what their lifestyles and goals are, rather than just what their injury is. I think that developing a rapport with patients, and gaining their trust is the most important thing a clinician can do to facilitate good communication and progress. Having the opportunity to work one-on-one with patients really helps to develop these relationships and turns you into their PT for life.

2.   Please share with us your most memorable patient, or patients, and their story?

I think my most memorable patient is a woman I treated on my final affiliation. She was a 70-year-old spark-plug who was as active as could be until she tripped over a curb and fractured her patella. She came to us after an operation to repair it with a network of wiring, and at the time could only bend her knee to about 25 degrees. All things considered, I had never met somebody with such a positive attitude or a more optimistic perspective towards her rehab (in retrospect, maybe her expectations were a little TOO high). After about 10 weeks of therapy 3x per week, it became pretty evident that she was not going to be able to actively bend her knee more than about 65 degrees without having another operation to removing her wiring. She was pretty discouraged by the thought of another operation, but somehow kept her positive attitude. Not to mention, she really helped me as a student PT by constantly telling me how wonderful of a clinician I’d make someday, and telling me what an incredible difference I’d made in her life. She was on vacation during my last week of the affiliation, and on my last day she did the most thoughtful thing… With about an hour left in my last day at the clinic, a man walked through the door to deliver about 25 giant balloons along with a card and candy from this patient. She wrote me the nicest and most encouraging card I could ever have imagined. We worked together for 10 weeks, a short time in the grand scheme of things, but she made it quite clear how much of an impact I had on her. It was quite inspirational. I hope she knows what an impact she had on me too!!

3.   What do you like to do in your off time, outside the clinic?

In my spare time I like to camp, hike, play ice hockey, Australian Rules football, and the harmonica.



Jillian Knab for #LifeWithoutLimits

Jillian Knab treated in our Chalfont location and was able to get back to playing softball and keep her dream alive!! Here is her story:

“I’ve been playing softball for 8 years, and I have always dreamed of playing in college. Around 2 years ago I tore my rotator cuff when I was pitching. I had to get an MRI and go through physical therapy at a different facility (not Apex).  I went through useless arm exercises that only softened the pain. When I was released from PT I went back to playing but only for a month before the pain returned. My godmother suggested I go to Apex; however I was very leery because of my past experience.  At Apex they seemed to really care about me. Marsha got me back to throwing in a couple months. I really enjoyed going to physical therapy because everyone there wanted to make sure I got better. I could tell they really love their jobs. Thanks to Apex, I had the chance to play for the North Penn softball team at shortstop and play third base for the NP Eclipse without any pain!!!! I am so grateful for everyone at Apex because they have given me the opportunity to continue what I love.”

Congratulations Jillian!  Continued success when you go off to college!

Welcome Emily Fuertsch, PT,DPT

Emily Fuertsch 5-17-16










Welcome to Apex Physical Therapy and our Pottstown/Coventry location Emily!

Emily is a member of the American Physical Therapy Association(APTA) and Pennsylvania Physical Therapy Association(PPTA).  She completed specialized courses in geriatrics and advanced musculoskeletal management while at Temple University. Emily has experience working with complex vestibular cases, such as vertigo and BPPV . She was also the recipient of the prestigious Best Platform Presentation for capstone project titled, “Effectiveness of High Intensity Exercise Post-Stroke.”

Emily’s treatment philosophy focuses on individualized patient treatments and educating her patients to help them manage their symptoms when not in therapy.  She utilizes evidence based practice to treat orthopedic and vestibular conditions including Balance and Gait Disorders, Vertigo, and Joint Replacement Rehabilitation. She is currently working towards her board certification in the area of geriatrics through the APTA.

As a physical therapist, through on-on-one treatment, I am able to build a unique relationship with each patient and in doing so help to assist and empower him or her to achieve their personal goals. I chose Apex Physical Therapy because their treatment model allows for and promotes this treatment philosophy more than any other physical therapy company  in the area.”

Outside of work I enjoy staying active with family and friends as well as watching or attending a variety of sporting events.

To schedule an appointment with Emily contact us at:

Helen Simmons for #LifeWithoutLimits






Below is a success story submitted by Helen Simmons. Helen was seen in our Lafayette Hill clinic.  Her story demonstrates the importance of finding the right physical therapist!  How we treat and schedule our patients is built around one-on-one interaction, physical therapist to patient!  You never see a PT aide!  

Great work Helen.

“When I came to Apex it was my 3rd try at Physical Therapy. I was beginning to think I’d have to put up with chronic pain and no end in sight- I’m only 40 and have an active life so I was a bit depressed about that. My new Orthopedic Doctor recommended Ian and inspired me to give Physical Therapy another go. The atmosphere at Apex is very positive and the staff makes it fun at times. After 3 months of doing as I was told, at Apex and at home, I’m so much better and have barely any pain at all. Thanks guys!!”

Great Job Ian and the Lafayette Hill staff!!