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Our Physical Therapist can get you back up!

Lower back pain keeping you down? Well come on over and see Apex’s fantastic staff! They are they waiting to help you feel better soon! But don’t just take our word for it…see what this patient had to say about her experience!

“In July, I fell into a 5′ deep hole and thought I had escaped unscathed. The only immediate effect of the fall was a minor pain in my hip. I initially thought it was only a bruise and was able to ignore it. As the weeks passed, the pain increased and by September it was radiating down my leg. It was debilitating and effected every aspect of my life. When I came to Excel for my initial visit, I was skeptical about what type of success I would have. I was barley able to move. After my second visit I was able to detect a definite improvement in the way I felt.  After 3 weeks, I no longer needed pain medication, was sleeping peacefully and could resume my daily activities completely. I think what was most important to me was the fact that I worked one on one with the therapist and not an aide or assistant. I found the entire staff at Excel to be not only knowledgeable but kind and compassionate. The injury to my back was severe according to the Dr. I now feel I have the tools that will help me continue to live pain free and active. I could not ask for more!   – D. N.”