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Welcome Bryan Fritsch, PT, DPT

Bryan joined Apex in our Lionville/Exton location after graduating from Drexel University 2016.  During PT school, Bryan saw a way to give back to the community as well as complete his Doctoral final project.  During the summer of 2015, Bryan acted as a camp coordinator for Drexel University’s “Get Moving” program at the Columbia North YMCA. This is a physical activity and health education program targeting at risk youth between the ages of 8-12.

1. What is your favorite part about working one-on-one with patients through the duration of care?

At E&A therapy, I have the opportunity to work with all of my patients one-on-one throughout their episode of care. This exclusive access allows me to get comfortable working on each individual patient and really learn where their impairments are and what is causing their pain or problem. Additionally, by spending one-on-one time with my patients I am able to get to know my patients and allow them to open up to me about their pain. In this day and age not many medical professionals get to spend more than a few minutes with each patient and with this treatment model I have the privilege to spend upwards of an hour with each of my patients every time I see them. I truly believe I can perform my best and have the most promising patient outcomes when I can work with one patient at a time.

2.  Please share with us your most memorable patient and their story.

I think the world of my patients and every one of them offers a unique story or memorable moment.  I have an abundance of stories and patients who have had an impact on my life. In particular, one of my patients presented with bilateral plantar fasciitis and in high levels of pain. Despite the high levels of pain she was an absolute joy to work with. This patient always liked to questioned why her feet would respond in certain ways. During our one-on-one time we would talk about a range of things including superhero movies, famous actors, and types of kitchen china. Despite all of our fun times this patient was as hard as nails and going through multiple life changes during her course of treatment. This patient has shown me the importance of hard work and dedication and how patients can truly reward therapists as well.

 3.  What do you like to do in your off time, outside the clinic?

I am a Philadelphia and Penn State sports fanatic. During my free time I enjoy being with family and friends and remaining physically active. Some of my favorite physical activities include running, swimming, and obstacle courses such as the Tough Mudder.

Welcome Daniel Greenberg, PT, DPT

Dan Joined Apex in our Blue Bell location after Graduating from Temple in 2016. Dan was the 2014 winner of Temple University DPT’s Matt Williams Scholarship, awarded to an individual possessing the qualities of humor, dedication to the profession and a servant’s heart. He presented doctoral research on the effectiveness of vestibular therapy for treatment of post-concussive dizziness. Dan enjoys the complexity of treating low back pain and looks forward to learning more advanced techniques in this area.

1.   What is your favorite part about working one-on-one with patients through the duration of care?

My favorite thing about working one on one with patients is being able to get to know who they are as a person, and what their lifestyles and goals are, rather than just what their injury is. I think that developing a rapport with patients, and gaining their trust is the most important thing a clinician can do to facilitate good communication and progress. Having the opportunity to work one-on-one with patients really helps to develop these relationships and turns you into their PT for life.

2.   Please share with us your most memorable patient, or patients, and their story?

I think my most memorable patient is a woman I treated on my final affiliation. She was a 70-year-old spark-plug who was as active as could be until she tripped over a curb and fractured her patella. She came to us after an operation to repair it with a network of wiring, and at the time could only bend her knee to about 25 degrees. All things considered, I had never met somebody with such a positive attitude or a more optimistic perspective towards her rehab (in retrospect, maybe her expectations were a little TOO high). After about 10 weeks of therapy 3x per week, it became pretty evident that she was not going to be able to actively bend her knee more than about 65 degrees without having another operation to removing her wiring. She was pretty discouraged by the thought of another operation, but somehow kept her positive attitude. Not to mention, she really helped me as a student PT by constantly telling me how wonderful of a clinician I’d make someday, and telling me what an incredible difference I’d made in her life. She was on vacation during my last week of the affiliation, and on my last day she did the most thoughtful thing… With about an hour left in my last day at the clinic, a man walked through the door to deliver about 25 giant balloons along with a card and candy from this patient. She wrote me the nicest and most encouraging card I could ever have imagined. We worked together for 10 weeks, a short time in the grand scheme of things, but she made it quite clear how much of an impact I had on her. It was quite inspirational. I hope she knows what an impact she had on me too!!

3.   What do you like to do in your off time, outside the clinic?

In my spare time I like to camp, hike, play ice hockey, Australian Rules football, and the harmonica.



Welcome Emily Fuertsch, PT,DPT

Emily Fuertsch 5-17-16










Welcome to Apex Physical Therapy and our Pottstown/Coventry location Emily!

Emily is a member of the American Physical Therapy Association(APTA) and Pennsylvania Physical Therapy Association(PPTA).  She completed specialized courses in geriatrics and advanced musculoskeletal management while at Temple University. Emily has experience working with complex vestibular cases, such as vertigo and BPPV . She was also the recipient of the prestigious Best Platform Presentation for capstone project titled, “Effectiveness of High Intensity Exercise Post-Stroke.”

Emily’s treatment philosophy focuses on individualized patient treatments and educating her patients to help them manage their symptoms when not in therapy.  She utilizes evidence based practice to treat orthopedic and vestibular conditions including Balance and Gait Disorders, Vertigo, and Joint Replacement Rehabilitation. She is currently working towards her board certification in the area of geriatrics through the APTA.

As a physical therapist, through on-on-one treatment, I am able to build a unique relationship with each patient and in doing so help to assist and empower him or her to achieve their personal goals. I chose Apex Physical Therapy because their treatment model allows for and promotes this treatment philosophy more than any other physical therapy company  in the area.”

Outside of work I enjoy staying active with family and friends as well as watching or attending a variety of sporting events.

To schedule an appointment with Emily contact us at:

Featured PT- Danielle Azar, PT, DPT


Meet Danielle Azar!

Danielle is a staff Therapist at our Blue Bell location.

1  .What is your favorite part about working one-on-one with patients through the duration of their care?  I love being able to see my patients’ progress throughout their duration of care. It is my passion to help my patients meet their own functional goals and get better in physical therapy. If they were being followed more often by another PT, PTA or assisted by PT aides, I would not get the pleasure of seeing their progress from visit to visit. I love the motto here at E&A where patients stick to one PT

2.  In your words, what is the “E&A Difference?” Getting to spend  1-on-1 time with our patients and having treatment directed by your PT only!  Our standards here do not require quantity but quality. We do not have to see 15 plus patients to make any productivity standards. We see on average 10 patients a day, and that enables us to spend quality time with our patients and provide only the best treatment. Almost everyone receives manual therapy intervention, which is a hands on treatment approach to help our patients restore their normal function. Their exercises are then determined by their PT for their specific impairments. There is no cookie-cutter approach here at E&A; everything is individualized!

 3Please share with us your most memorable patient, or patients, and their story.  It is hard to choose just one. I remember a patient who made tremendous progress and quickly; he was a gym teacher with 2 young children and had trouble working and playing with his kids. He came in to PT after multiple back surgeries with another one scheduled. I wished I had seen him prior to those surgeries! He presented with significant pain and loss of motion, sensation and strength and had difficulty walking.  We provided treatment on day 1 with the evaluation. Before the evaluation was even over, the patient was walking better and his strength improved so much that even he noticed and exclaimed, “Wow that was much better!” I know when my patients are getting better based on some objective measures but it is great when they recognize it and appreciate it, in such a short amount of time. Needless to say, his scheduled surgery was cancelled!!

 4. What do you like to do in your off time, outside the clinic?  My husband and I have been spending a lot of time getting ready for the arrival of our daughter, our new addition to the family;  spending time with family and friends and cuddling with our fur baby, Stewie.


We are unsurpassed! Well, at least our patients think so!

“I first came to Excel Physical Therapy as a skeptic. I was wrong to think that way. I experienced whiplash in a recent car accident & figured one appointment to assess my back couldn’t hurt. Through my therapy I discovered just how strained my back muscles were.   I saw results immediately. Excel gave me the hands on experience needed to heal. They also gave me exercises to take home so that I could further work on my recovery outside of the office. The staff was amazing, putting things lightly. Everyone goes the extra step and always has a smile on their face. If you choose physical therapy, choose Excel because the care, customer service & satisfaction with your therapy will be unsurpassed.”

-J.S.- Satisfied Excel patient

Continuing Education makes us “A Step Ahead, A Step Above!”

This past weekend, 17 of our fantastic therapist took a course titled, “Movement system syndromes of the cervical spine and shoulder: interaction and evidence,” by Shirley Sahrmann PT, PhD, FAPTA.  Dr. Sahrmann is a pioneer in the research on movement.  In her courses, the attending therapist learns what ideal movement is in the body.  When people move in ways that deviate from normal, degeneration of the body can occur and this can lead to pain and disability.  Using Dr. Sahrmann’s approach, our therapists can dig deep and get to the actual cause of the pain and disability, addressing it at the root of the problem.  This will lead to better, more specific treatment, better home exercises to prevent a recurrence of the symptoms.

Arcadia University hosted the course and there was said to be Arcadia course150 attendees, with a wait list of 40 people who couldn’t come because they couldn’t accommodate more.

Our Physical Therapist can get you back up!

Lower back pain keeping you down? Well come on over and see Apex’s fantastic staff! They are they waiting to help you feel better soon! But don’t just take our word for it…see what this patient had to say about her experience!

“In July, I fell into a 5′ deep hole and thought I had escaped unscathed. The only immediate effect of the fall was a minor pain in my hip. I initially thought it was only a bruise and was able to ignore it. As the weeks passed, the pain increased and by September it was radiating down my leg. It was debilitating and effected every aspect of my life. When I came to Excel for my initial visit, I was skeptical about what type of success I would have. I was barley able to move. After my second visit I was able to detect a definite improvement in the way I felt.  After 3 weeks, I no longer needed pain medication, was sleeping peacefully and could resume my daily activities completely. I think what was most important to me was the fact that I worked one on one with the therapist and not an aide or assistant. I found the entire staff at Excel to be not only knowledgeable but kind and compassionate. The injury to my back was severe according to the Dr. I now feel I have the tools that will help me continue to live pain free and active. I could not ask for more!   – D. N.”

Congratulations Lionville!

Capture jamesI just want to share my recent PT experience. I saw James at Lionville  and he is absolutely AMAZING!!!! I started coming to PT in August for my low back and was just discharged two days ago. From my first session, I knew James could help me with my back. I have tried PT 5 previous times with no real success and I am a tough case so I knew certain exercises would be impossible to do but we were able to adapt and make things work. Each PT session was different and I could see improvement in a matter of a couple months, which is big for me! James was able to pick up on a potential hip problem in addition to my back issue. I cannot give enough accolades to him for all he has done for me!! I am actually sad to be so called “done”. James does an awesome job of spending one-on-one time with each patient but also giving attention to other patients that may be there. I will be back 🙂 Thank you again, James SOOO much!!!