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Physical Therapy

Apex Physical Therapy is an ideal partner to get you out of pain then back to optimal health and performance. We offer a unique combination of excellent customer service, highly trained therapists, innovative, evidence-based practice and comfortable, well-equipped and convenient facilities. 

You will be treated by the same therapist each visit. You will receive hands-on treatment. You will perform exercises that are functional, fun and exactly what you need. Patients are scheduled so that you have plenty of one-on-one time with your therapist. There are no aides or support staff supervising your treatment, only the therapist.

What is Physical Therapy?

It all starts with an evaluation. The therapist spends your first visit, approximately one hour, interviewing you, establishing goals, testing and examining your condition and setting up a treatment plan. The therapist teaches you about your condition and reassures you about what to expect in the recovery process. Some form of treatment is always included in the first visit.

Subsequent treatment sessions systematically fix the injuries, movement disorders and pain that brought you in the door in the first place. The key tool of the therapist is his/her hands-on techniques to stretch and mobilize stiff, misaligned and restricted areas of your body. Once mobility is improved, then exercises are used to improve strength, balance and function. Injured athletes looking to return to sports do sports specific training under the watchful eye of the therapist.

Who are Physical Therapists?

Physical therapists (PTs) are specialists in restoring movement. PTs receive intensive education in anatomy, physiology, pathology and rehabilitation. It is among the fastest growing professions because of the value PTs provide for our increasingly active society. All PTs are graduates of accredited university programs and licensed by the state in which they work.

What Makes an Apex PT Different?

Simply stated, it is their values. They are dedicated to helping others. They want to reach the pinnacle of excellence in the profession. They are graduates of premier academic programs. They have a desire to learn. They are not complacent. Thus, they continually participate in continuing education workshops to advance their knowledge and skills.

Who can go to Physical Therapy?

Anyone who has an injury, pain or movement impairment can attend physical therapy. The following conditions are frequently seen in our Apex clinics: